Andra Ivanov Jewellery


Andra Ivanov is a highly qualified London based fine jeweller, gemmologist and valuer with a unique speciality in sustainably sourced diamonds and sapphires.

Her admiration for these particular precious stones, stems from the belief that on receiving one, you are not just receiving a gift but ‘a true gesture of love’. 

“My passion for fine jewellery has led me to spend the last decade sourcing, designing and creating the most perfectly handcrafted diamond and sapphire pieces for my clients. 

These precious stones are very special – the leaders amongst all of the stones. I know that when a client chooses a diamond or sapphire, they are serious about the impression they want to make. Uniquely beautiful pieces that will catch your eye across a room”.

Andra Ivanov monogram

Andra is a certified jewellery valuer and gemmologist offering prestigious FGA and DGA qualifications.  Belonging to both UK and US professional bodies, her rich background in fine jewellery sales, manufacturing, production and grading coupled with esteemed qualifications, allow her to operate on an international level.

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